My site is all about personale fotos and as well fotos from my family. My name is Judith but I like to be called Pfute. I’m 45 years old, living in Denmark but original i am from Zimbabwe.

You are also welcome to visit my portfolio via this link : Judith Portfolio

Name Pfute

I ‘m named after my grandmother Pfute, thats why this name is so special to me;)


Little bit about my education and my earlier work

I have clerical diploma and a Webintergrator (webdesign) . I have worked for MSN and Microsoft from 2004 to 2010.


My personality

I am a positive person. I like traveling. I like to experience different cultures from different countries.

I like to communicate and i’m good at making friends I am also very open minded to learn new things from other people and i’m a very stylish and an artistic person, and i like fashion.


My free time

I like to read books, watch romantic movies, listen to music and go to the cinema once in a while,and I am a very out going person.

I don’t like coooking but that doesn’t mean I’m not good in the kitchen. I do however enjoy eating good food, if someone makes it for me ofcourse, and i like to drink a lot of coffee.


Other website

Judith Portfolio

Hope you will find my privacy interesting